What is ValuCard?

    ValuCard is a PSOJ program called Team Jamaica. It was developed to reward the Public Sector Workers of Jamaica who have agreed to a five year wage freeze in recognition of the economic challenges facing Jamaica and also resulting from the agreement between the IMF and Jamaica.

    The program is administered by Epayment Group Limited.

    ValuCards will be issued to the 120,000 Public Sector Workers and these will be used to record the purchases made by them.

    The concept is for Retailers to provide Public Sector Workers with discounts that will be loaded to their cards as ‘cash back’. The ‘cash back’ received from a retailer can be used to buy products or services from the same merchant or any participating merchant.

    Public Sector Workers will not be charged for the cards and will be provided with reports on the internet or their smart phone to check their ‘cash back’ balances.

VMBS Gives Back

    VBMS is sensitive to the plight of Public Sector Workers considering that they have agreed to a five year wage freeze with the Government of Jamaica

    In this regard, VMBS supports the program by the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica to issue ValuCards to this sector that entitles card holders to discounts, rewards and benefits that will put cash back in their pockets.

    VMBS will participate in this initiative by developing a special mortgage program tailored for Public Sector Workers that will include features that amounts to savings to this sector.

    We are extremely happy to contribute meaningfully to this initiative and will continue to provide superior products and services to the workers of Jamaica.


  • Public sector workers are provided with a secure password to log onto the www.teamjamicaja.com website.
  • The www.teamjamaicaja.com website provides reports for card holders to access the usage data and balance enquiry relating to their cards.


  • The ValuCard can be used at any of the participating merchants.
  • Each merchant will establish and announce the discount that will be issued as ‘cashback’ to public sector workers.
  • Manufactures and Distributors will also participate in the Team Jamaica program and will issue discounts as ‘cashback’ when card holders purchase their products at designated retail stores.
  • For example, Lasco could offer a discount of say $5 off each tin of mackerel purchased at Michi Super center. The $5 will be issued to the card if the card holder purchases a tin of Lasco mackerel