Tastee Patties

    Tastee has been serving Jamaica with the finest patties for over 60 years and now we have teamed with ePAY to get our patties to you when you want it – where you want it.

    Your ePAY card is acceptable at any Tastee location and just to show how much we value the relationship we have built a loyalty program just for ePAY card holders.

    For every purchase of $2,500 on the ePAY card, we will give you a FREE patty and Cocoa Bread that can be redeemed at any Tastee store or school where Tastee operates the canteen.

    ePAY will also deliver our patties  to your place of work when  you order in groups  if combined orders total more than 50 patties in your Zone at lunch time. 

    Your address is placed in a commercial zone.  If we get 50 orders by 10:00am from your Zone we will deliver your patties between 12 noon and 1 pm.  Each Zone will comprise at least 1,000 ePAY card holders so the chance of getting your patties is very high.  You will be notified by 10:30am if delivery will be made so that you have enough time to order from another online ePAY vendor.

    Tastee Patty lovers should order early as this would help your Zone to achieve the 50 order target as early as possible so that confirmation by email and text can be sent to you by 10:30am and delivery made at lunch time.

Jamaican Food

  • ePAY has enlisted a wide array of restaurants that prepare Jamaican dishes daily. Curry Goat, Stew Peas, Ox Tail, Fried Chicken, Baked Chicken, Cow Foot … you name it. And, of course, these are served with your favorite rice and peas and a little veg on the side.
  • The big and little restaurants/cook shops will deliver to you daily.
  • If you have a favorite grandma style cook shop that you would like to add, we will be happy to do so. Just give us their contact info and we will get them on board. All they will need is a smart phone and the rest is history. You order – they deliver.


  • So you just decided to get off the red meat – ePAY has a solution for you. We have a wide array of vegetarian restaurants that are only too happy to deliver their dishes to you.


  • Feeling real Jamaican! Feeling for real chicken, pork and sausage jerk with the real light my fire pepper.
  • ePAY has all the famous jerk spots ready and waiting for your order. Just walk in or order – they deliver


  • Watching your waist line? How about ordering your favorite salad from a lineup of the best calorie conscious restaurants in town? Let them take care of your weight watching appetite by delivering a combination of tasty fresh vegetables, fruits, lean cut meats and other niceties without the bulging calories adding to your waistline.

Blue Mountain Water

    Blue Mountain Water is naturally balanced, having a neutral pH and a balanced mineralogical analysis. Blue Mountain Water remains a constant 76° F year round and maintains a constant flow of 120 gallons per minute, assuring a consistent and true source. Like all extraordinary spring water.

    Think about it. Now that you're aware your body is about 60% water, you should care even more about the water that you, your family and your employees drink every day. Bottled water is a great way to provide quality, great-tasting refreshment for everyone in your home or office throughout the day.