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Alliance Financial Services Limited (AFSL) is a Principal Member of Mastercard International and licensed by that entity to issue Prepaid Mastercards in Jamaica having also obtained authorization from the Bank of Jamaica to do so.

Today AFSL is firmly entrenched in the electronic retail payment space and is successfully providing payment services to a wide array of merchants, companies, and cardholders.

The technology deployed by AFSL allows us flexibility to offer a wide array of value added services that are integrated within the Mastercard platform. Our Card holders enjoy mobile, card and internet access to their Mastercard account and can transfer funds easily to other ePAY Mastercard accounts.

The prepaid designation and status authorized by BOJ simply means that our card holders are not required to be a bank account holder, but our Mastercard provides features of a bank account including payments anywhere Mastercard is accepted, ATM withdrawals, funds transfers, balance enquiry, online payments and shopping, bill payments, phone credit, cash back and rewards.

BOJ Approved

AFSL is the first non-bank entity to obtain authorization from the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) to issue prepaid electronic retail payment cards in Jamaica. This was obtained after a rigorous review by the BOJ spanning all essential components of risk, liquidity, capital adequacy, computer infrastructure, security, business continuity, audit, organizational and operations competencies.

The BOJ stamp of approval is indicative of parallel structures between the banking card payment systems and the prepaid payment platform operated by AFSL. Card holders can expect the same level of service and security that prevails in the banking system from the payment services offered by AFSL.