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Download the ePay phone app from the Google Play Store. As long as you have funds on your card, simply enter the amount of credit you need, the phone number and the talk time will be credited directly to your phone.
It's that easy!

ePay offers you the convenience of online bill payments. Simply, download the ePay app to your smartphone and you are on your way.

What should I have for lunch today?
Sounds familiar? Well, ePay has the answer available for you on our online meals ordering system with over 100 restaurants at your fingertips.

Finally, there is a way to give your child a card to be used at the school canteen or bookshop.
Simply transfer monies from your ePay account to your child’s card and instantly the funds are available for use at school.

Transfer funds from one ePay Card to the next. Then simply swipe your card at these cash-out locations and receive cash for the amount they wish to withdraw from the card.

More About ePay.

APSL is the first non-bank entity to obtain authorization from the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) to issue prepaid electronic retail payment cards in Jamaica. This was obtained after a rigorous review by the BOJ spanning all essential components of risk, liquidity, capital adequacy, computer infrastructure, security, business continuity, audit, organizational and operations competencies.

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