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Apply online or visit any Alliance Moneygram location.



Pick up your card in about two weeks from the agent location.


Activate and Cash-In

Boom! Money at your fingertips!

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    Your Alliance Prepaid Mastercard is a prepaid card. That means you can only spend what you've already loaded to the card. You can top up your Alliance Prepaid Mastercard by visiting any Alliance MoneyGram location island-wide or transfer from your bank account (NCB/BNS) online.
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    There's a safer way to handle your remittances. Don't walk around with large amounts of cash. Collect your cash at any Alliance MoneyGram, load it to your Alliance Prepaid Mastercard where it will remain safe and protected.
    Track of your account balance online, or via the ePayMobile Android App.
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    Withdraw cash from any NCB, BNS or SBJ ATM machine, shop at pharmacies, gas stations, watch a movie - you name it!
    Online shopping is now open for business! Your Alliance Prepaid Mastercard means that the world of online shopping is yours. You can do that from and the ePayMobile App.
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    Pay Bills

    You could keep standing in line to pay bills or you could do it quickly and accurately without ever leaving home or desk. Your Alliance Prepaid Mastercard can do that! As long as your card is loaded with enough cash, you can pay any utility bill or installments with just a few clicks!
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    Transfer from your Alliance Prepaid Mastercard to another! That way you can collect your remittances and share them without needing to carry cash. It is an easy way to send money to your kids, family or business partner, anyone really. Do so much more with your money now!
    Faster and safer than ever.
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    Buy Phone Credit

    Download the ePayMobile app from the Google Play or Apple App Stores. As long as you have funds on your card, simply enter the amount of credit you need, the phone number and the credit will be added directly to your phone. It's that easy!

Download the ePayMobile App Now

Manage your money from anywhere with the ePayMobile® app. Manage your accounts, pay bills, pay people, even transfer money. Safely and securely with your device.


No hidden charges and the lowest fees!

Amount GCT Total
Alliance Agent Cash-In $40.00 $6.00 $46.00
Bank Transfer (BNS/NCB Online) - - FREE
Alliance Agent Cash-Out $40.00 $6.00 $46.00
ATM Withdrawals (BNS/FCIB/NCB/SBJ) $55.00 $8.25 $63.25
ATM Decline (Insufficient Funds) $55.00 $8.25 $63.25
ATM Balance Inquiry $55.00 $8.25 $63.25
POS Terminal (accepts Mastercard) - - FREE
ePay POS Terminal - - FREE
Online Transactions - - FREE
Bill Payment - - FREE
Purchase Decline (Insufficient Funds) $55.00 $8.25 $63.25
Card to Card Transfers $100.00 $15.00 $115.00
Card to Bank Transfers $100.00 $15.00 $115.00
Activation $400.00 $60 $460.00
Card Cost (1st Card) - - FREE
Monthly Fee (Beginning Dec 23, 2019) $200.00 $30.00 $230.00
Card Replacement (Lost/Stolen) $434.79 $65.21 $500.00


Effective: (Rates are subject to change without notice)

Currency Rate
USD 164.23

*Fees are in Jamaican Dollars.
*The merchant may charge an additional fee for this service. Any fee charged by the merchant is an independent fee assessed by merchant only.
*Some financial institutions or ATM operators may assess a surcharge when using their ATMs for any purpose.
*Fee is charged when transaction is made outside of Jamaica.
*Foreign exchange rate is subject to change without prior notice.
*All fees are subject to change without prior notice.