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Totally re-designed with you in mind. Keep track of your ePAY card. The ePayMobile App provides a seamless mobile experience!


Easy & accessible

Customers readily have access to their information. Our websites and app experiences are made for the cardholder on-the-go from any device, anywhere.


Uncompromising security

We provide industry standard security. The best available today for secure
e-commerce transactions. All data that travels over the Internet is encrypted.


Real time transactions

Transactions are processed within seconds. Your time is important to us. Rest assured you will complete your transactions in no time.

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You're in control

Review your accounts, make purchases, or lock your card account at any time. The system is always available...24/7-365 days a year.

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Our Services

Mobile Phone Top-Up

Download the ePayMobile app from the
Play Store or App Store. As long as you have funds on your card, simply enter the amount of phone credit you need, and credit will be added directly to your phone. It's that easy!

Online Bill Payment

ePAY offers you the convenience of online bill payments. Simply, download the ePayMobile app to your smartphone and you are on your way.

Order Meals Online

What should I have for lunch today? Sounds familiar? Well, ePAY has the answer available for you on our online meals ordering system with over 100 restaurants at your fingertips at

Student Card

Finally, there is a way to give your child a card to be used at the school canteen or bookshop. Simply transfer monies from your ePAY account to your child’s card and instantly the funds are available for use at school.

Short Term Loans

ePAY has the answer for you. All you need to do is to get your employer to register with ePAY and you are on your way. ePAY will provide you with a spending ceiling which allows you to spend any amount up to that ceiling.